Aircraft Rental


Are you planning a business travel or a luxurious holiday retreat?
If yes, we are pleased to provide safety, security, comfort, and reliability on every one of our flights. Our mission is to offer a safe and delightful experience during your flights.

Helicopter Rental



The soft footprint of helicopters means that nature’s beauty remains untouched and unblemished. Just inform where you are and we will provide a quick, safe and comfortable flight. Your time is precious for us.

Air Ambulance



Together with our powerful partners, we are delighted to provide the best and right choice for your needs. It is your health as definitely the most important thing for us not your money.

Aircraft Maintenance & Hangar Services


Located in Istanbul Ataturk Airport and Ankara Esenboğa Airport, Ferline offers short-term or long-term hangar services as well as maintenance ones.

Aircraft Operation Services



If you are concerned about your aircraft operation services, Ferline company together with its experienced staff and its powerful business partners finds the best alternatives for your aircraft operating services. We are honored to accomodate a best air operator’s certificate (AOC) authority, to facilitate airline supervision and representation contracts, to get the best fuel price both nationally and internatioanlly and finally to privode aircraft insurance to safeguard your Money.

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